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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Masonry
The oldest men’s fraternity there is, ever to be. It is exactly that – a fraternity. Many, many other organizations base their organization and rituals upon masonry. This includes the Knights of Columbus and almost all collegiate Greek organizations.
What is Required to be a Mason?
A belief in deity. No atheist can be a Mason. No agnostic can be a Mason. All that is required is a belief in a supreme being – that which Mason’s call the “Supreme Architect of the Universe.” Supreme Architect of the Universe – a neutral reference to God. Something like Yahweh – a God with no name. Have you seen a “G” in their symbols? Muslim, Christian, Jew can all be a Mason and millions are.
How do I become a Mason?

Ask a friend, who is a Mason about Masonry. Tell him you have an interest. Or, you can contact a lodge directly. Just ask. Reach out to Pentagon Lodge through this site and someone will contact you within 24 hours. Masons arethe most welcoming of people. The thing is – if you want to join Masonry, you have to ask. Masons cannot recruit or “rush” members.  You have to ask. 

Who can become a Mason?
Anybody. Masonry does not discriminate based upon color, religion, wealth or honors. You do not have to be a professional man to be a Mason. You do not have to live in the “right neighborhood.” Our strength is our diversity. Our brotherhood is our diversity.
Is Masonry a Religion?
No – it is not. Anybody that says that it is, doesn’t know what they are talking about. No, absolutely not – there is no particularized form of faith or worship of any God in a lodge. If there was Masonry would not exist because Christians, Jews and Muslims all are members of this fraternity non of whom would tolerate any encroachment upon their divine belief.
What is Masonry – again?
Masonry is hard to define. As discussed above, it is in its simplest terms a men’s fraternity. But it is more than that. It is an organization that seeks to make “Good Men Better.” It, through its teachings symbols, etc. try to remind each of us of our moral codes and moral obligations. It emphasizes a moral belief taken directly from the Holy Bible. It tries to make “Good Men Better.”
Is Masonry a secret society?
No. It is not. You will run across Mason’s every day, you will find Mason walking about with their ties, pins, emblems publicly demonstrating that they are Masons. Look around, you will see Masonic emblems on a truck or car, a pin on a jacket or maybe a hat. Ask a Mason about Masonry and he will be very happy to talk to you about it. But then it is a society with secretes. I thought about it and I was a member of five societies with secretes – I was a Sigma Chi (a men’s collegiate fraternity), I was a Knight of Columbus – again a society with secretes and closed meetings, I was a member of the Order of the Arrow – Boy Scouts of America – again a society with secretes and closed meetings.
What is this “ritual” I hear about?

Yes, there is Masonic ritual. A ritual is – a ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. We come across ritual in our everyday life. Every time we meet a friend or someone new, we shake their hand. At weddings we raise a glass in toast to the newlyweds. Many of us attend hierarchal churches whether Protestant or Catholic where Sunday church follows a ritual. When you take communion you are following a ritual.
Every “Master” Mason has undergone three rituals. The first being Entered Apprentice, the second Fellow Craft and the third Master Mason. This is all allegory to the operative or working masonic guilds of ancient times. You can read plenty about it in the Masonic Monitor – public document that anyone can read – including a great deal about Masonic rituals. So much for secrets.

Why do Masons meet in secret?

Well, we don’t. Not at all. You can go all over the web and find out when Mason’s are meeting. Search for a Masonic lodge on the internet and the lodge’s website will tell you when they are meeting. 

Mason’s do have closed meetings, however. They generally occur once per month. These are called “Stated Meetings” and only Masons are allowed to attend. Some lodges will open their Stated Meeting only on the Master Masons Degree – which means you have to be a Master Mason to attend. Want to know what they do? They have a certain ritual they follow to open the lodge “to work.” There they discuss the bills they are going to pay; vote on candidates who have expressed an interest in joining; honor long time members (a 60 year pin for example); give out awards (the “Golden Trowel”); discuss upcoming charitable events; plan their next social rendezvous where anybody can come; etc. That’s about it.

Are Masons involved in politics?
No. The Masonic lodges and Grand Lodges are not involved in politics. Two rules in the lodge, no discussing of politics or religion. There are, however, many Masons who are politicians.

Thinking of becoming a Mason? We are a great place to start this journey!

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